The popular belief is that all fried chicken are basically the same, however, nothing could be further from the truth. From the pricing aspect to, ultimately, satisfying your taste buds, there are many different kinds of chicken recipes out there. Normally, when we think of buying chicken for a meal, few things are considered: taste, price, and quality. Here at Waker Chicken, we satisfy, not only, your taste buds, but we are conscious of your pocketbook as well as health.

The taste aspect of chicken dish is, obviously, opinions of individuals aggregated. However, when we say “taste” of any foods, few things go into the makeup of the food item. Surely, the sensation on the pallet is one, but there are texture, aroma, and, perhaps, appearance. The popular consensus is that Waker Chicken dishes are, simply, delicious. they are very pleasing on your pallets without any extraneous interjections, the texture is crispy-smooth with just a right amount of substance. And, it is just as good served cold as it is right out of the heat without the greasy aftertaste. The aroma, again, is pure fresh chicken and pastry-like batter covering on our freshly fried items, and a reminder of grandma’s home cooking on the non-fried items. Added to the experience, Waker Chicken dishes are as pleasing to the eye as well. We fry, bake, and roast to the precise moment of culinary perfection to meet your expectations of what a great chicken dish is supposed to look alike.

Once, Waker Chicken satisfied the taste aspect, we did something more to better ourselves one more level, compared to our competition: general portions. Waker Chicken believes in great taste, in general portions, at reasonable price. Our menu items are averaging about 20% lower in price, when compared to those establishments claiming to specialize in chicken dishes. In today’s ever-trying economy, every dollar counts, so, we have priced our great tasting chicken dishes at everyday pricing which are significantly lower than our competition. We want you to be satisfied with more money in your pockets and more food in your stomachs.
Waker Chicken has been innovating chicken recipes for more than 20 years, and have reformulated the batter mixes and spice combinations many times to arrive at today’s perfection. And, not only the marinade and batter, we have extensively researched to result in perfect cooking temperature and duration of cooking. Using only the fresh wholesome ingredients, including never-frozen chicken, we have achieved a perfect culinary balance between great pricing, unsurpassed taste, and quality. And, coupled with those innovations, Waker Chicken has put together a diverse menu to satisfy most of the cravings, with you in mind. Our menu includes delicious morsels to satisfy all ages and personalities. From your little ones to adventurous and daring, with pleasant experience in mind.
Experience Waker Chicken, you will be back for more!!!